(A lot, actually)

Imagine this. It’s 24°F outside, an icy wind biting at your skin. You’re on the job with tons more to do, but you’ve got to fill in a form or the guys back at the office won’t be happy. So you get your phone out, the sluggish LCD screen is hard to see, your fingers sting, liquid dripping from your nose as you sniffle it away, the form you need to use has a pile of required fields to fill out, and you can’t seem to figure out how to sync or upload the form.  Not to mention that you are working against the clock and having to deal with temperamental people and equipment that also don’t like cold weather.


Mobile forms software should be built for the people that will actually use them.

Why XForms?

We focus on simplicity

If your field crews don’t use the solution they are asked to use (e.g., because it’s too complicated), then why even bother?

What is XForms Mobile?

It’s a modern and simple forms platform.

No unnecessary bells. No clunky whistles.

Built for the boots on the ground.

Just what’s needed so your fieldwork data actually gets collected digitally.

XForms: Any form, on any device, anywhere.

Built in Ionic, runs on anything including iOS, Android, and web

View submitted forms, KPIs, export data, manager users

Build form templates, add reference lists, configure your applications

Two-way RESTful APIs, ensuring you can connect to anything

Mobile App

Collect field data

Reporting & Admin Dashboard

View and export data, aggregations, KPIs, user management

Wanna find out how it all works?

Book a 20-min exploratory discussion, where we listen to your unique needs and pain points, and—if appropriate—demonstrate XForms Mobile to you in a live setting.

Been working with you for the last 15 years and we have grown from the Palm Pilot to XForms.  Over the years with ***, I have seen programs come and go but the inspection database is still being used more than ever.  This is all attributed to you providing a system that is user friendly and provides value to the Field Coordinator.  This is one of the few systems we work with that is not that complicated but provides good data for reporting.  There has been small issues with the system, but your expeditious support has mitigated these issue and this is highly appreciated.

Thanks again for your support and commitment to XForms.  Looking forward to working with you for several years in the future.

Mike G

Construction QA - Large Electric Utility Provider

Our experience with XForms has been outstanding! The initial deployment was quick even with the special requirements I had. The use of XForms has not only simplified data entry, it has improved the accuracy of our reports since we now have up-to-date records. Working with Jim and the XForms staff has been a pleasure

Emory K

Office Manager - Egg Distribution Company

We switched from a popular forms software tool to XForms for a high-profile client who has very specific data collection needs.  With XForms, we were able to deploy a solution to our field staff and contractors within days, and have fully satisfied our client’s unique requirements.  XForms’ personal responsiveness during this switchover was critical to the project’s success.

Tyler M

Senior Program Manager Specialist - Major Waste Management Firm

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