XForms Mobile

A modern + simple mobile forms software platform

Use cases: construction vivariums truck delivery/pickup environmental inspections Compliance Safety any industry using forms

View submitted forms in an aggregated way by form type, drill down for details with ease

  • View your submitted forms in a proportional block widget
  • Drill down to view key performance indicators customized for each form type
  • Drill down to a filtered view with customized grid columns
  • Print to PDF
  • Export all collected info to Excel
  • Receive emails automatically
  • Integrate with other software via our RESTful API

Create your own unique forms

Build and edit your own form templates with our simple-to-use design tool, including:

  • Drag and drop, elegant interface
  • Fully controllable Excel-like table grids
  • Calculated fields
  • Clonable forms, sections, and field controls
  • Automatic form version control


 Deploy to your field techs

  • Add, edit, and disable users as needed
  • Control which applications a user can access
  • Force password resets
  • Control the complexity of user passwords (length, complexity, and expiration)

Use the native apps.

In online or offline modes.

    • Runs natively in online and offline modes on iOS and Android
    • Autosave feature saves your progress every 15 seconds
    • Includes a “Save Draft” feature, which allows your field tech to bypass required fields until their form is ready for final submittal

    Or run it on a browser.

    • The web version runs on any modern web browser, including camera access, draw layer, and signature controls

    Integrate with other software tools

    • Use our RESTful APIs for 2-way communication with other tools (e.g., OneDrive, MS Teams, Slack, Dropbox, Google Sheets, etc)
    • Everything stored in XForms is programmatically extractable. out of XForms…PDF documents, photos, draw layer and caption of a photo…even metadata such as geolocation and submit date/time

    Our experience with XForms has been outstanding! The initial deployment was quick even with the special requirements I had. The use of XForms has not only simplified data entry, it has improved the accuracy of our reports since we now have up-to-date records. Working with Jim and the XForms staff has been a pleasure

    Emory K

    Office Manager - Egg Distribution Company

    I am extremely pleased with XForms and how it works in the field for collecting data.  It has been a very valuable tool during COVID which has forced me to work at home and not able to visit the project sites.  The coordinators can use detailed checklists in the field without me being present and can report the results from remote locations.  The checklist format provides a unified acceptance criterion for field inspectors which is used as a base line for future process improvements.

    It has been a pleasure with you over the years and the service you provide has been excellent.  Looking forward to working with you on future projects.

    Mike G

    Construction QA - Large Electric Utility Provider

    Want to give it a closer look?

    Book a 20-min exploratory discussion, where we listen to your unique needs and pain points, and—if appropriate—demonstrate XForms to you in a live setting.