Activity Log

A new feature requested by a few customers is now live in the XForms Mobile platform. This feature will improve security by providing our customers with more details of who is logging into the system. But it will also help our customers figure out if any of their users are not really very active in the system, which can help reduce their costs by disabling inactive users.

What is tracked/displayed

The following activities are recorded and displayed on the activity log:

  • User logins
    • to the reporting and admin dashboard
    • to the form template Designer
    • to the mobile app (both native and web version)
  • Submitted forms
    • Whenever a user submits a form, a new record is displayed on the activity log displaying basic information (who submitted it, when it was submitted, the application it belongs to, and the submitted form ID)

Simple controls

A few controls are present on the activity log screen:

  • A type-ahead search that behaves just like all the other type-ahead search controls in the system
  • Simple date filters to filter the list

How to access this

You have to be an admin in order to access the Activity Log.  It’s a menu item under the Admin menu.  See screenshot below.


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