Sometimes known as subforms, you can now display your table grid data as cards on your mobile device

In some field work instances, you might need a table with 20 columns or more.  Think Excel here, where you have to scroll to the right to view more columns on your worksheet.  With the latest version of XForms, you can now display the rows as “cards”.  Some people call this feature “Subforms”.  It’s basically just another way of interacting with your table data, where the data shows up as little cards.  Similar to Kanban cards.  And it’s a simple as a single click change to your form template.  Literally one click.

Here’s how to set this up on your form template:

  1. Log into the form template Designer
  2. From the Form Templates screen, select your form template, and click on the “Edit” button
  3. Click the edit icon next to the table you want to display as cards instead of rows
  4. Click on the radio button “Display as cards” and save your changes


Same interaction on mobile device, but with a different view

Here’s what interacting with the new card view on a mobile device looks like.  Your field staff won’t need to be trained in anything new…it’s the same as before:

  • tap on the “add new” button
  • enter the data and then on “Save”

The only difference is that instead of seeing a table like Excel populate with a new row, you see a new card, or subform displayed.  Tap on the card to view/edit it just like you would tap on a row

PDF changes to reflect cards instead of tables (coming soon)

A forthcoming update will allow you to display cards on the PDF template instead of tables.  Currently, there is no change to the PDF template.


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