The power of simplicity

A simple aggregated view of all your submitted forms, with 1-click drill down view of your key performance indicators per form type.

Set up KPI’s for each of your form types

Track different key performance indicators for different form types.  KPIs can be groupings of listbox values (like client, project, etc), or calculations on numeric fields, like SUM, AVERAGE, MIN, or MAX.

Set up as many or as few as you need.

Click on a KPI value for a filtered drill down view of the forms matching that criteria.

Print to PDF

View a PDF version of your form, print to a printer, download to your computer.

Customize your PDF format to include your company logo, table grids, signatures, and photos.

Add headers to multiple pages, include Page X of Y on the footer.

View your form data in a table grid, with different columns per form type


  • Customize the columns displayed in the table grid for each of your form types
  • View a PDF of each submitted form
  • View draft forms, which are in progress and not yet submitted by your field crews
  • Export all your data to Excel
  • View forms that have been deleted
  • View the form’s edit history

Export your form data to Excel

Export the information displayed on the table grid. Or download all the data collected on your forms.  Even the geolocation of where the form was completed.  Right to Excel.

View your form images

  • View thumbnails of your images associated with a form
  • Click on a thumbnail to view that image
  • Download images to your desktop

View your form history

View all versions of a submitted form, even if it was edited over time, or even deleted.  Think of this as a form’s audit trail.  Accessible from a single click on the form history icon.

 Route your forms through an approval workflow

Assign a specific form template(s) to be routed through a signature approval workflow.


  • Can be single-step or multi-step workflow
  • Can have one or more “approvers” per step
  • Includes simple comment threads designed for communicating between approver and submitter
  • Uses a graffiti style signature field
  • Watermarks for “pending” and “rejected” form submittals
  • Includes two-way push, SMS/text, and email notifications
  • Automatic appending of form PDF with approver signatures and date/time
  • Extractable metadata via XForms APIs

 Map the geolocation of your forms

XForms captures geolocation data automatically whenever a form is opened (if the user gives permission to the app).  So you can view on a map where your forms were completed.

     Manage your users

    • Add/edit/disable users with a few clicks
    • Select 1 of various permission levels for each user
    • Force password resets
    • Control password complexity and expiration timeframes

     Give access to your customers

    • Give your clients access to data collected for their projects, providing them with transparency to their field data
    • Control what applications your customers have access to

     Create multiple applications

    • Group different forms into separate applications as a way of grouping similar form templates (e.g., safety app, environmental app, etc)
    • Toggle between apps by selecting one from a listbox

    Want to give it a closer look?

    Book a 20-min exploratory discussion, where we listen to your unique needs and pain points, and—if appropriate—demonstrate XForms to you in a live setting.

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