XForms Designer (form templates, ref-lists, workflows, etc) Change Log

Form Template Designer


v0.7.16 (04-30-2022)

Enhanced formatting features for several field types.  Bug fixes.  Added support for timeDiff calculations, where you can add a field with an expression that calculates elapsed time between 2 different time or date fields.

v0.7.15 (03-10-2022)

Form Template Designer

Date Control: Exposed minDate and maxDate, allowing you to control the date range in the date picker element.

Number Control: Exposed min value and max value, allowing you to control the valid value number range allowed to be entered into a number field.  This lets you, for example, allow entry of a range of pH values between 1 and 14.  Another example: vacuum readings…you could set a minimum vacuum reading value of -30 Hg and a max vacuum reading of 0 Hg.

Also exposed # of decimals attribute to the number control.  Now you can specify the number of decimal places to use for number formats.  The default value is zero decimals, meaning that your number control will default to an integer unless you specific a value > 0.

Image Control: Now you can specify whether or not photos get saved to a device’s gallery.  This is enabled via an optional slider switch.

Workflow Designer

A placeholder was added for a future release for the signature workflow designer element.  It is currently not yet functional.