XForms Designer (form templates, ref-lists, workflows, etc) Change Log

v2024.1.1 (04-07-2024)

Improved the behavior of the PDF auto-generator.  This includes reducing photo sizes, reducing white space after a photo control displays, and allowing large tables to break across pages (with repeated headers across the top).

v2024.1.0 (01-14-2024)

Various minor bug fixes including decimal places attribute bug fix on numbers control that did not honor a value of “zero” for integers.

v2023.1.4 (01-27-2023)

  • Added support for checkbox inside and outside of tables in the form (PDF)
  • Added highlight to list of templates, pdfs, and reflists to show the selected item
  • Removed the Workflow menu item for now until self-service feature is available for it

v2023.1.2 (01-02-2023)

Introduced card views for tables.  Now you can display tables as tables, cards, or automatic.  The “automatic” setting will display your table grid as cards on small screens, and as cards on larger screens.

An article about this new feature can be found here: https://xformsmobile.com/card-views-subforms-mobile-forms/

v0.8.7 (10-02-2022)

Added a new picture control that allows you to add a picture that would load from a lookup field link, an uploaded image, or that loads from a URL.  Use case: if you need to display an image in a form when it first loads in the mobile app.  This feature was added in support of the New Mexico Livestock Board, who requires the ability to pre-load a brand image from a lookup field. Example of this below, where a user selects a brand from a lookup field, and the brand and earmark images for that cattle brand display below.

v0.8.6 (08-10-2022)

  • Made some foundational change in how to handle new vs existing PDF templates, which was based on user behavior of previous version.  Now when you make a change to an input form template and save those changes, a prompt appears asking if you want to update the corresponding PDF template (no longer need to do this manually).
  • Removed the style sheet HTML code from the PDF code and made it a global file, reducing the amount of HTML code on the PDF template instructions.  You can still override the styling at the PDF template level.

v0.8.2 (07-05-2022)

  • Added automated PDF template generator…now when you create an input form template, you can create editable html code for the PDF template with the click on a button.  See animated gif below for what this looks like.

v0.8.1 (06-29-2022)

  • Migrated PDF template designer from admin.xformsweb.com to designer.xformsweb.com
  • Added PDF template selector into the header section of the form template designer

v0.7.19 (06-24-2022)

  • Fixed bug that threw an error when activating a new form template that was initiated as a clone of another form template.

v0.7.18 (06-18-2022)

  • Added default value attribute to text, paragraph, numbers, multichoice, and checkbox.
  • Added minimum image count to image field (defaults to zero).  With this feature, you can force a field user to enter the minimum number of photos specified.


v0.7.17 (06-09-2022)

  • Added showTimeZone to date and time field types
  • Added width to image field type (default 1080) – max height or width (which ever larger) when saving the pictures
  • Added showTimeZone to table columns for date and time column field types
  • Added readOnly to text field type

v0.7.16 (04-30-2022)

Enhanced formatting features for several field types.  Bug fixes.  Added support for timeDiff calculations, where you can add a field with an expression that calculates elapsed time between 2 different time or date fields.

v0.7.15 (03-10-2022)

Form Template Designer

Date Control: Exposed minDate and maxDate, allowing you to control the date range in the date picker element.

Number Control: Exposed min value and max value, allowing you to control the valid value number range allowed to be entered into a number field.  This lets you, for example, allow entry of a range of pH values between 1 and 14.  Another example: vacuum readings…you could set a minimum vacuum reading value of -30 Hg and a max vacuum reading of 0 Hg.

Also exposed # of decimals attribute to the number control.  Now you can specify the number of decimal places to use for number formats.  The default value is zero decimals, meaning that your number control will default to an integer unless you specific a value > 0.

Image Control: Now you can specify whether or not photos get saved to a device’s gallery.  This is enabled via an optional slider switch.

Workflow Designer

A placeholder was added for a future release for the signature workflow designer element.  It is currently not yet functional.