The XForms Dashboard offers a simple, aggregated view of all your submitted forms. You can filter by application and immediately see visual and numerical data on the forms for that project. 

Tips and Best Practices 

  • Use the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, or MS Edge. Firefox also works but may have some issues. The XForms Dashboard does NOT work on Internet Explorer. 
  • If you encounter issues, try doing a browser hard refresh by holding down the CTRL key (Windows) or Shift key (Mac) and clicking on the refresh icon. You can also try running it in an incognito/private browser window, which will ignore saved cookies. 
  • If the PDF on the PDF screen looks wrong, click on the refresh icon to re-generate a new version. 
  • If you want to change your password, click on the person silhouette at the top right of the screen (not on your user record in Admin > Users) 
  • If you want to save an image from a form, go to the Forms screen, click on the gren camera icon, click on the photo thumbnail you want to view, right-click on it, and click on the Save Image As…menu option 

Logging In 

Go to 

Log in using your provided credentials. 

Dashboard Screen Controls 

Your main dashboard may look something like this: 

View Data by Form Type 

Click on a form type block on the main screen to view aggregations and key performance indicators (KPIs) at the form template type level. 

Form Screen Controls 

To access submitted forms, click on Forms in the sidebar menu. 

Use the type-ahead filter or Form Name dropdown to find the forms you are looking for. 

Use the toggle buttons to show draft and/or deleted forms.

Export and display controls

View specific form data by using the links attached to each form. 

PDF Controls

Map View 

The map view displays the form types at the geolocation where they were initiated. This requires that the user allow XForms to capture their geolocation when prompted by their device. 

User Screen 

If you have admin privileges, you will be able to add users, disable users, set password policies, set user permissions levels, and force password resets. Access by expanding the Admin link in the sidebar menu and then clicking on Users. 

Click on the green Policies button in the top left of the Users screen to set your password policies (password complexity, password expiration days): 

Use the following buttons to set app access, edit user details, or reset password. 

User these buttons in the top right of the Users screen to add a new user or refresh the list of users: 

When adding a new user, be sure to fill in all applicable details. Available roles include: 

  • Field User: can add/edit/view only their own forms
  • Manager: can view/edit everyone’s forms
  • Admin: superuser
  • Client: read-only view of forms submitted for their company/organization

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