A big turn-off for some field teams is being forced to use something they didn’t ask for, when their current process works.just.fine.thank.you. We discussed this user adoption issue in an earlier article titled How to Improve Mobile Technology Adoption Rates Within your Field Staff.

So…here it is…the one very important tip:

Don’t force it. 

Ease into it.

Transition from analog to digital.

At a pace that works for your field teams.


Start by letting field staff that wants to use paper forms to continue to use paper forms.  While this sounds counter-intuitive, it eventually works out well.

Sort of like the best of both worlds: Your non-techie field crews get to keep doing what they’ve always done in the field.  And the folks willing to try your new digital solution get to try that.  But…

Provide a web or desktop version of your mobile form solution

If your mobile forms solution includes a web or desktop version, when field crews get back in the office, they can enter their paper forms digitally into your system on a large screen, without the pressure they feel when they are doing field work.  Or a clerical staff member can do that for them.

After some time, the fear the field crews had of the system will begin to wane, and eventually your non-techie field crews will start using the system…first by using the web version of the mobile app, followed by using the native app on their own phones.

XForms’ solution includes a web browser version of the mobile app.  It works exactly the same as the native mobile apps…you can even run it in offline mode because of it’s Progressive Web Application technology under the hood.  Photos and signatures are also supported in the web version. 

Here’s an animated gif of the web version of the mobile app in action on a Chrome browser on a MacBook Pro laptop.

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