You can dictate the complexity of user passwords and expiration timeframe right from the Users screen of the XForms Dashboard.  After logging into, navigate to Admin > Users from the left menu pane, and click on the green “Policies” button on the top left of the screen.

When you click that button, you will see a popup that lets you set the complexity of your user’s passwords, including whether or not their password will require:

  • Lowercase letters
  • Uppercase letter
  • A number
  • A symbol

You can also set the minimum length of the password and the password epxiration timeframe (defaults to 90 days).


If you don’t want the password to expire, you can set the expiration days to zero or to a really large number, like 5000 days.

Password expiry days not supported in the mobile app

Since the XForms mobile app (the actual app running on your phone/tablet) runs in offline mode and has its own way of encrypting and storing login credentials, the expiration timeframe set in the password policies screen discussed above does not impact it.  Once the mobile app’s login expires, the new rules for the password complexity will take effect (except for the expiration timeframe, which is ignored).

How to force change a user’s password

Click on the fancy-looking red key icon on the far right of the screen to force change the user’s password yourself.

When you click on the fancy red key icon, you will see a popup window that will show you how complex the password needs to be.  Start typing, and those alerts go away, one by one, until the password matches the password policy.


How to change your own password from the dashboard

Sometimes we get this question.  Click on the person silhouette on the top right of the screen and then on “Change Password”.

When you select this, you will see a popup screen that differs slightly…you will need to first enter your CURRENT password on the very top of the screen, followed by entering your new password below it.


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