XForms Mobile Change Log

v2024.1.1 (01-11-2024)

Enhancements and bug fixes, including:

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Light mode color palette change, which now more closely aligns to the XForms logo colors and increases contrast
  • Improvements to the dark mode color palette for better visibility.

Light mode color palette changes are as follows:

More details are available on the following article: https://xformsmobile.com/new-year-new-mobile-app-new-colors-dark-mode/

v2023.4.7 (12-04-2023)

  • Rebuilt and refactored mobile app entirely using updated and newer versions of internal components
  • Fixed a few known bugs
  • Refreshed UI a little bit using slightly modified colors
  • Renamed some menu items
  • Added dark mode and a different date picker


v2023.3.9 (09-13-2023)

Bug fixes:

  • When a text or paragraph field was tapped in a row of a table grid, the view would zoom-in automatically, and would not zoom out unless the user tapped the screen with 2 fingers.  This behavior was observed in iOS devices only.  This issue has been resolved.
  • Text and paragraph rows in tables were not displaying all the way across on a screen.  This issue has been resolved.

Minor Improvement:

  • Now if you have a minimum number of required photos in a photo control, this will appear in red on the mobile app screen in runtime (as an indicator to the field tech filling out the form that a photo is required before they can submit the form).  See screenshot below for reference.

v2023.3.3 (08-07-2023)

Bug fixes:

  • Minimum # of photos was not being honored.  This has been fixed.
  • Validation control on table grids was not working for tables with preset rows.  This has been fixed.

Validation improvements have also been made, including improving the conditional validation attributes.  Details about this on this post: https://xformsmobile.com/conditional-validation-your-mobile-forms/

v2023.3.1 (07-29-2023)

Added ability to display images in table rows via the Lookup control. Images will display as thumbnails in the table row.

v2023.3.0 (07-16-2023)

Enhanced the mobile app’s Progressive Web Application (PWA) technology under the hood.  Now you can install XForms Mobile application as a PWA downloadable app on Chrome and Edge.  To install, launch MS Edge or Chrome browser (Mac or PC) and go to app.xformsweb.com.  In the browser’s address bar, on the right side, click on the download/install icon.  Then click on Install and when the app starts, click on Allow.  See screenshots below for reference.

v2023.2.1 (03-17-2023)

  • Bug fixes for offline use cases, including issue detected related to photo capture in offline mode
  • Structural changes in offline behavior, making the app in offline mode more reliable
  • Enhanced the lookup control:
    • Now it searches on various columns
    • Optimized the amount of data it loads during search. Now it returns the search result much faster.
  • Bug fix for listbox display view when multiselect is enabled
  • Fixed issue with displaying image data in the log
  • Fixed issue with Exporting Log to the backend
  • Fixed errors saying you don’t have access to server, when trying to load forms offline
  • Enhanced the messages during sync offline, to show what is happening at each step
  • Fixed form search by numeric values in generic app
  • Highlighted required table fields’ headers

v2023.1.4 (01-12-2023)

  • Added support for cards view in tables.  Now you can set up a table view to display as table rows, cards, or automatically switch from cards (when viewed on small screens) to tables (when viewed on large screens).


v1.5.20 (11-20-2022)

  • Added ability to view PDF of submitted from from within the mobile app.  Now you can view/share/print the PDF version of a submitted form within seconds of submitting it.
  • To access this feature, tap on a submitted form, and then tap on the paper icon on the bottom middle-left of the screen.

v1.5.18 (10-02-2022)

  • Added support for new picture field associated with a lookup field.

v1.5.17 (07-14-2022)

  • Bug fix for table footer calculations.  Previous versions would treat numeric fields in a table footer as text and concatenate values instead of SUM them up.  This has been resolved.

v1.5.16 (07-10-2022)

  • Bug fix for read-only text fields, which were editable in previous version.
  • Bug fix for date fields in tables if a date format was not set.  Now if you leave the date format blank, it assumes you mean US date format (mm/dd/yyyy) and doesn’t throw an error.

v1.5.15 (06-11-2022)

  • Bug fix when cloning a submitted form, the user_id of the source form was not cleared and replaced by the new user_id.  This has been fixed.  Kudos to Ruth Tull @ MAA for finding this bug.
  • Support for showTimeZone setting
  • Fix for calculate fields

v1.5.11 (05-03-2022)

Added support for Time Difference expressions:

Calculates difference between start time value and end time value and returns the number based on requested unit

  • timeDiff({start-time-field}, {end-time-field}, ‘unit’)
  • start-time-field: Date or Time field ID that contains start time
  • end-time-field: Date or Time field ID that contains end time
  • unit: one of the followings surrender by single quote
    • seconds
    • minutes
    • hours
    • days
    • months
    • years
  • Example: timeDiff({start_time}, {end_time}, ‘hours’)

v1.5.3 (03-07-2022)

Photos: Added an optional setting to the image control on a form template for saving images to the local phone gallery, with default of this new attribute set to “off” (will not save images to the phone’s local gallery by default).

v1.5.2 (03-05-2022)

Photos: Improved photo management by automatically downsizing photos to 1080 pixels height or width (depending on orientation).  Now a typical 2MB photo is reduced to 200K, resulting in a 1,000% more responsive application.  A “width” setting attribute was added to the Image control, so that the default setting of 1080 px can be changed to a different value.

v1.5.1 (03-02-2022)

Number fields: Bug fix to support negative numbers.


v1.5.0 (02-28-2022)

Photos: Enabled saving camera images to the local phone gallery.  So now when you take a picture, it adds it to your phone’s image gallery first, and then loads it into XForms with smaller resolution.

Offline Mode: An offline on/off switch has been added to the menu bar (see gif below).  So now you don’t have to flip your phone to airplane mode, you can just flip the app to offline mode.

Number Fields:

  • Added min and max attributes to numbers to control the range. So now you can limit the numeric values that are allowed inside a field.  For example, a pH field could be set up with a Min value of 1 and a Max value of 14.
  • Enhanced number fields to only accept numbers.  This was mostly a problem with iOS, where you could type in a % symbol for example.  That has been fixed.
  • Added “decimals” attribute to numbers to control the number of decimal points (a decimals value of 0 would be treated as an integer)

Date Fields:

  • Added minDate and maxDate to date field to control the range in the date picker.  This new feature supports exact dates.  So you could, for example, have a Min Date of 1/1/2022 and a Max date of 1/10/2022 for a date picker that only can take a value between 10 different days.

Template Refresh: Added refresh templates option to the popup list of templates (top right of popup).  When tapped, this will auto-refresh the templates in cache by pulling new versions from the server.