Our app works on native, web, and offline, so your team can get the data you need, anywhere, anytime, using any device

Powerfully simple

Our industry’s saturated with overcomplicated software. But while those big fancy systems might look good for your business, they’re not good for those with their boots on the ground. We’ve worked in those positions, we understand your field team better than most, and we know that, the more complex, the harder to use.  And the more unecessary those tools are, the less likely your guys are to use them.

We set out to build something entirely different: Just what you need, when you need it, but simle and quick enough to use that your field team sees the value in it too.


Download the mobile app from Apple’s iOS app store or Google’s Play store

You can also download the web version of the mobile app as a Progressive Web App (PWA) on MS Edge and Chrome.

Simple, yet powerful, with just what your field techs need and nothing more

When your field techs are busy working outside in crappy weather, battling mosquitos, and dealing with malfunctioning equipment, the last thing they want to do is spend valuable time fingering the device trying to figure out where to enter what, or what each button is for.

Been there. Done That.

Add items to a listbox on the fly

Fully-controllable listboxes.  Allow your field team (or not) to easily update listbox values while in the field. Then your field team doesn’t have to call the office to have an admin person update some listbox because it doesn’t include a particular value that they. need. right. now.

Fill out Excel-like tables for large datasets

Large datasets sometimes are best suited for tables. In XForms Mobile, you can use checkboxes, text fields, listboxes, numbers, calculations, and even signatures in columns.  Footers can also contain SUM, MIN, MAX, and AVERAGE.

Tables are fully controllable.  You can do the following:

  • Pre-populate rows and cells on first load
  • Lock a row to prevent deletion
  • Make a column or row as read-only mode
  • Allow a user to add new rows and clone existing rows
  • Add calculated columns
  • Add a footer with support for AVG, SUM, MIN, and MAX formulas at the bottom of numeric columns

No other generic mobile forms software on the planet has this

Collapsible sections

Reduce clutter by collapsing sections you don’t usually need your field team to fill out, but keep them there…just. in. case. Just tap on the section header to pop it open.

Runs online AND offline

Sync the device types you want to download and run in offline mode.  Work in airplane mode without a hitch.  And when you are back in an areas with connectivity, sync your submitted forms with a tap.

Draw on top of pictures to point out things

Very simple controls that let you take a picture, and then draw on top of that picture.

Extract images, image captions, and metadata (lat/long, user_id, and/or date/timestamp) out of XForms for insertion into any other tool.

Need to transition from paper to digital slowly?

No problem.  Print blank form templates, have your field techs fill them out manually, and then have your clerical staff enter the filled-out paper forms via the web version of the mobile app, which works exactly the same as the native iOS and Android apps!

Only one version to learn, because it is the same on any platform, including web.

Want to find out more?

Book a 20-min exploratory discussion, where we listen to your unique needs and pain points, and—if appropriate—demonstrate XForms Mobile to you in a live setting.

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