Elastic, highly scalable, low-latency, redundant cloud-based datastore accessible only via REST API calls.  All data encrypted in rest state.


RESTful APIs behind a secure enterprise-grade firewall.


Firewall layer between the RESTful APIs and both the web application and native mobile apps.


Web app: used for reporting dashboard, user management, reference list maintenance, and form design. 

Native mobile and progressive web apps: used for field data collection

Under the Hood

XForms uses modern enterprise-grade technologies under the hood, built to run on all modern devices of today and for the next decade. Major components include a NoSQL elastic datastore, best-in-class cloud infrastructure, and modern native application frameworks and progressive web application technologies.


  • Encryption at rest
  • Encryption in transit via https
  • Firewall layer between apps and APIs
  • Access to the database only via APIs
  • Definable password policies
  • User login activity log (learn more…)
  • 2-step verification via SMS (coming soon)

Metadata Capture

Each time a form is initiated in the XForms mobile app, the geolocation, user_id, and date_time is automatically captured when available (depends on privacy/permission granted by the OS)


Built-in Form History

(aka Audit Trail)


Each time a form is edited, a new version of the form is automatically created, in essence creating an audit trail of your form.  And if an admin with proper permissions deletes the form, it’s still available for viewing, with metadata showing who and when the form was deleted.

Want to give it a closer look?

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