Sometimes, less is more.

Do you need all the features in Microsoft Word, when all you want to do is write a letter?

Similarly, do you need to commit to a large, comprehensive end-to-end property inspection tool if you aren’t going to use 2/3 of the modules like invoicing, payments, and bookings, things that might be redundant with other tools you might be using like Yardi or PropertyWare?

What if all you want to do is to keep a light pulse on properties in your portfolio, to make sure the property managers are doing their job and maintaining them?

This is where XForms can help.  With XForms, you can create simple checklist forms with whatever information you want to track.  The form design can be customized to your liking, and you can also customize the key performance indicators you’d like to track.  It is super simple and easy.  Here’s how.

  • Create your checklist forms using the XForms Designer, or have us do it for you
  • Customize the dashboard to display the KPIs you want to track
  • Test and tweak
  • Deploy to your property management staff or contractors

Here’s what a typical reporting dashboard would look like.  Note that the KPI blocks can be fully customized to display whatever type of information your inspection forms are capturing.

And here’s what a completed property inspection form looks like in PDF format in XForms.

This is what a typical property inspection field form looks like on an iPhone…this is what the property inspection team would fill out.

Sometimes, “good enough” is just what you need right now.

I’ve worked with people at organizations that tend to overthink things.  Nothing wrong with testing, thinking, and analyzing a new tool or process to determine its impacts.

But there’s a saying….paralysis by analysis.  Over-analyzing something to death, getting overwhelmed with choices, can lead to not implementing anything at all and to just keep doing the same thing as you always have. It’s the path of least resistance and least amount of pain in the short term.

But there’s a better path than not doing anything at all. Implement something tiny, something small, nearly painless: a simple inspection workflow.  Something just good enough to get the job done in a simple and elegant way.  You can do this with XForms, a perfectly capable tool that can be customized easily to do just what you want, and nothing more.

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