In XForms, you can now set up automated email notifications that are triggered when someone submits a form.  It’s super easy…it will take you literally under a minute to set up, and it has a few simple features.  As with everything in XForms, its about creating something super simple, with just enough options to make the experience easy to use and useful for most use cases.

How to set up automated email notifications

Navigate to Admin > Account > Notifications and click on the blue “+ Add” button to add a new notification.

When the notification detail page popup appears, give it a name, enter one or more email addresses to receive the email notifications (separate each with a semicolon), and then select one or more form templates from the form selector listbox.

Here’s a short video clip of what this looks like in motion.

You can also disable the notification by clicking on the “Active” on/off switch and set it to off.

After you set your email notification, within seconds of a form being submitted into the system (of the type you selected in your email notification setting), an email will be automatically sent to those email addresses.  The email will be very basic.  It will contain basic text in the body of the email and a link to the PDF version of the form being submitted.  That’s about it.  Nothing fancy.

Can it be used to trigger a notification if someone doesn’t submit a form?

Not yet.  That functionality can be built outside of XForms.  We use for that very exact thing.  An email is sent for a specific customer if a form of a particular type is not submitted into the system that day.  The email is sent out once a day, in the early evening.  

Yes, we will eventaully build this feature inside of XForms, so that you don’t have to create this in an external tool, which can be complicated to do.  It’s just not yet available.  Stay tuned.

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