It’s everywhere…so might as well embrace it

It seems like everywhere you turn, you hear about artificial intelligence, or AI, taking over everything.  The genie is out of the bottle and here to stay, so might as well learn how to use this stuff.

Lately, I’ve started to use a few AI-driven tools, mostly for curiosity’s sake, but also for article content.  Here’s just a couple of AI tools I recommend that you take a look at, applied to something useful: drawing images and writing text.

Text writing with

Ryter is a text writing tool that writes text for you.  You can use it for any sort of text content: blog articles, business ideas, cover letter, landing pages, job description…you name it.  You can also set the tone of the article, the creativity level, and number of variations from some simple listboxes.

Once Ryter writes some content for you, you cna highlight that text and tell it to write some more, or rephrase it.  All in a matter of seconds.   Here’s a short video of the tool in action:

VERDICT: Text writing not perfect, but good enough for some things…

The text it generates is ok, but not great. This tool is really good for when you have writer’s block, to get ideas from, and to get started when you can’t seem to get started on your own.  But it’s not good enough to write entire articles.

How to get it: go to

Image creation with DALL-E

This next tool is AH-MAZING.  It’s called DALL-E, and version 2 is nothing short of incredible.  You type a description into a field, and the system generates an image based on that description.  The more descriptive text you provide, the better the rendition.  You can tell it to make the image photo-realistic, cartoon-like, an oil painting, and so forth.

Check out the short video below.

VERDICT: This tool is incredible and worth every penny you spend on it.  The current business model lets you buy credits, and you receive a few free credits per month.

How to get it: go to


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