Our background is field work

(We are not just a bunch of geeks developing software in a swanky climate-controlled office replete with kombucha and foosball tables)

We’ve been there, in a past life, as field technicians filling out stupid forms: chain of custody forms, waste manifest forms, groundwater sampling forms, tailgate safety meeting forms, inspection checklists, operations & maintenance forms, and a whole pile of other forms.  

    We get it

    We focus on simple

    (The opposite of most systems)

    No one in the field wants to deal with complexity for all the reasons and examples cited above.  There’s simply no free time when you are out there in the field.  And things need to be intuitive and just work, without any fiddling around.

    It’s funny how oftentimes different software systems are compared to each other by how many features each has.  And that’s not a very good way to look at whether or not a particular system will work for your organization.  A better approach is to compare the complexity of each.  How many buttons do you have to tap on to get to the info you need? How difficult is it to navigate in a form and submit it? Can you enter table grid data in rows, or do you have to scroll forever to enter your data? What can be automated easily in the system? Can our own people build and/or edit forms themselves without much trouble?

    A great analogy is the comparison of remotes for a regular TV vs an Apple TV.  Which is more complex?  And which is more powerful?

    Hint: The one with fewer buttons is also the more powerful one.

      Simple always beats complex, every day of the week

      You are not alone

      (We are not just some AI-driven self-service thing…we have real, accessible, native English-speaking helpful humans here to ensure your mobile solution succeeds)

      Of course we have simple-to-use self-service form template designer tools.  And yes, they are relatively simple to use and master.

      But fear not…you don’t have to use our self-service tools if you don’t want to and can just get us to do all of this stuff for you without having to submit some formal request over an impersonal ticketing system.  And remember…you are not a ticket. You are a human being, like us.  We don’t treat humans like tickets around here. We treat them like we’d like to be treated, as humans trying to resolve some pain point.  You can call, email, text, or fill out a form.  And you will get our full attention, but won’t get a ticket.

      Our goal is to make your mobile forms initiative a success, because if it doesn’t succeed for you, then we don’t succeed either.  Not only that, but a failure of your field crews to adopt your mobile forms program in a significant way may set you back a few years, increasing cynicism among the ranks the next time you try another digital transformation.

      All of this basically means that we will help you every step of the way, from coaching of best practices concepts for increasing field user adoption rates, to initial form template design, app setup and configuration, training, testing, and monitoring deployment and form submissions.  Try getting that kind of support from some of the big guys out there.  

      Self-Service + Full Service

      • PSelf-service Designer (available 24/7/365)
      • PReal humans who can do this for you
      • PNo "tickets" or ticketing queues
      • PCall, email, text, or submit a form to request assistance
      • PNo outsourced call centers...talk to the actual developers who know a thing or two about this stuff

      Want to give it a closer look?

      Book a 20-min exploratory discussion, where we listen to your unique needs and pain points, and—if appropriate—demonstrate XForms to you in a live setting.